Welcome friend, I have a new blog!

Hello — I’m Michael, the pensive-looking fellow on the left!

I’ve been married to my favourite person for 7 years, owned two dogs with questionable hygiene, and am about to embark on parenthood.

Because I’m the oldest possible age where a person can still be classified as Generation Y, I am the self-declared “Elder of the Millennials”.  This status also means I’ve spent a lot of time making very questionable decisions.

I’m a data person.  In a former life I wrote a hockey analytics blog and moonlit for my favourite club.

In my day job, I have a fancy title with the Government of Alberta (yes, even with the pink tie I’m still allowed in Canada).  This has given me the chance to lead the creation of a few fairly complex web applications, including the:

So, why this blog?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a committed self-analyzer.  Every major decision, every aspect of personal finance, every purchasing choice — I’ve lived my entire life in spreadsheets and simulations.  No really — the amount of time I devote to this kind of thing borders on dreary obsession.

The rationale is quite simple — if I’m doing all of this work, why not share it with the wider world?  My unhealthy compulsion is yours to exploit!

We’ll look at life hacks.  We’ll hypothesize some side hustles.  We’ll analyze ambiguous future financial scenarios.  We’ll figure out high-percentage life plays.  We’ll lay the groundwork to avoid being irresponsible parents.  In short, we’ll all try to escape the sugar caves.

I’m not sure how often I’ll post, but I do intend for each one to be worthwhile.  So follow me on Twitter, subscribe to receive post notifications via email, or grab the RSS (haha, I know), and let’s see where this goes.